Supporting National Action Plans through Strategic Communications

25 February 2020    |    Western Balkans, Central Asia, Southeast Asia

This program focuses on developing a communications strategy that complements the government’s P/CVE National Action Plan. The purpose of the P/CVE NAP Communications Strategy is to outline a strategic approach to CVE communications that facilitates the establishment of effective and research-based mechanisms, processes and guidelines. This strategy will provide objectives, recommendations and suggested activities that aim to strengthen the quality and efficiency of CVE communications for governments. The project also assists the government in designing and implementing related communication campaigns, projects, and interventions.

This program is supported by the US Department of State and was successfully implemented in Kosovo.

Some of the key activities include:
  1. Producing a National Action Plan communications strategy;
  2. Implementing parts of the strategy through tailored communications programs in-country such as counter disinformation and counter-narrative campaigns; and
  3. On-going mentorship and technical assistance to aid in the implementation and follow-through of the communications strategy.
In 2021, Hedayah will implement this program in Central Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).