20 February 2020
Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) practitioners and experts often emphasize the importance of credible messengers when delivering CVE communications and/or counter-narratives. This is not new to those working in the field of strategic communications.  We must not only find credible messengers, but we need to find those with a platform or help those build a platform.
This program creates a network of localized and regional credible messengers (i.e. former terrorist fighters, recruiters, spouses, social media influencers, etc.) that tells key messengers’ stories through different mediums and across various platforms including both new and traditional media. It addresses a noticeable gap where the narratives produced have a reach and impact on a larger scale in-country, while adopting a sustainable model in the longer term.
Frontlines follows seven phase approach – that is detailed, heavily monitored & evaluated, and always ready for re-calibration.  For more information, please directly contact  In 2020, Frontlines will be running in South Asia as well as other regions.