Enhancing Digital and Media Literacy

21 February 2020
This project aims to spread a culture of critical and reflective media consumption through awareness-raising and capacity building workshops. By working with media-savvy professionals and technology experts and partnering with leading universities, educational institutions, and CSOs, the project will help target audiences make informed decisions when presented with different sources of media content. Each training module will be created following a needs assessment visit, in collaboration with the host country, to ensure they are tailored to target audiences and the local context.
Some of the key activities include:
  1. Conducting a needs assessment detailing findings and recommendations from in-country scoping visits;
  2. Developing a responsive curriculum, training materials and train-the-trainer manual for respective stakeholders and/or institutions to deliver to at-risk groups; and
  3. Follow-on mentorship and technical assistance to monitor beneficiary delivery, progress and outcomes of trainings.


In 2020, Hedayah will implement this program in Southeast Asia.