STRIVE Global Program: Video Competition

Hedayah calls for students of communications and audiovisual arts from universities worldwide to participate in a creative video competition for the STRIVE Global Program.

The STRIVE Global program is an EU-funded program implemented in May 2015 by Hedayah. It has an overall objective of building the capacity of state and non-state actors to effectively challenge radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism while continuing to respect human rights and international law.


The overall objective of the assignment is to produce three videos:

Category A: a five-minute long video on the work that local partners carried out within the STRIVE Global Program, highlighting best approaches, best practices, and real impacts achieved.

Category B: a one-minute long promotional video for visibility purposes summarizing the goal of the program, the approach used with the grantees, the geographical areas covered, and themes.

Category C: a one-minute long promotional video for visibility purposes including the real impact achieved by the program.


The evaluation committee will choose three finalists (this can include finalists working either individually or in-group) based on their previous work, their CVs, and cover letters. The finalists will have one month to create a script and storyboard for the Category A video with the material that Hedayah will provide.

The evaluation committee will select the best video script to receive the service contract award to create the Category A video. The second and third finalists will receive service contract awards to create the Category B and Category C videos. Hedayah will also showcase the videos onto its website, YouTube channel and other platforms and as one of the key promotional materials for the STRIVE Global program.


  • Category A: 5 minutes video long (6,000 EUR)

  • Category B: 1-minute video long (2,500 EUR)

  • Category C: 1-minute video long (2,500 EUR)


All interested candidates to apply will follow the steps below:

  1. Send a cover letter with CV (or CVs if the application is in–group) and portfolio of previous work to by 17 June 2021, with the email subject: Hedayah Video Competition

  2. Finalists will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before having a briefing with STRIVE Global team and before the team provides STRIVE Global program information.

  3. After signing the NDA and briefing with STRIVE Global team, applicants will have access to the program information and will have one month to design and submit the script and storyboard for the Category A video.

  4. The evaluation committee will evaluate the script and storyboard of each finalist and award the service contracts. Finalists will sign a service contract for each category assigned to develop the expected products during a period of two months.