Capacity Building Programs (STRIVE Global) Internship


The internship program at Hedayah has been in place since 2013. It has attracted individuals with international backgrounds from universities, both locally and globally. Interns are introduced to the means in which Hedayah tackles violent extremism and are provided hands-on experience in the day-to-day work to effectively achieve Hedayah’s mandate. They also actively contribute to Hedayah’s numerous programs and activities.

The program allows interns the opportunity to work directly with one of the departments at Hedayah, including dialogue and communications, capacity building programs and research and analysis. Hedayah interns are usually full-time undergraduate students, graduate students and/or individuals in their gap year.

The program ensures Hedayah is incorporating youth perspectives in advancing the efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism.

When can you intern?

Hedayah usually follows the standard university academic calendar (Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters), which indicates interns can join Hedayah during Fall (End of August – December), Spring (February – May) and Summer (end of May – August).

These time periods may vary on an individual basis. We strongly recommend applying at least one-two months before the month you would like to begin your internship and indicate your preference in your application.

Please submit a CV and cover letter along with your application.


STRIVE Global Program responds to the EU’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy which promotes democracy, dialogue, human rights, and good governance. Organized around four pillars: prevention, protection, pursuit, and response, it is within the first pillar; prevention, that the EU has engaged with Hedayah.

The overall objective of this EU-funded program (which commenced in May 2015 and extended to November 2021) is to build the capacity of state and non-state actors to effectively challenge radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism while continuing to respect human rights and international law.

The specific objective is to work with local partners to design, implement and develop approaches that have a demonstrable impact on the threat posed by radicalization and recruitment to terrorism. It will do so through the allocation of financial support to local implementing partners and the provision of expert support through targeted training and capacity building.

The main activities of this program are to:

  1. Develop and deliver a cascade training program for raising awareness of, and building support for, CVE amongst Public Officials and Civil Society Organizations;

  2. Support design and implementation of Civil Society initiatives to CVE;

  3. Address the challenge of media coverage of terrorism by raising the awareness and building the capacity of state and media actors;

  4. Develop research resources that provide an evidence base for CVE interventions.


Internship Objectives

The intern, preferably with studies in Psychology, Sociology, Communications, Design, Film, International Development, Human Rights, Political Science or Security Studies, will work within the framework of STRIVE Global Program to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations to effectively challenge radicalization leading to violent extremism and will support the STRIVE Global team in compiling, revising and analyzing projects final impact data and elaborating visual materials to communicate the program achievements and results. Also, the intern will support the preparation/design of STRIVE Global Program Phase II.

The internship’s objectives are to:

  1. Enhance the knowledge of undergraduate students of the different phases of the project cycle through practical and guided hands-on exposure and involvement in Hedayah’s CVE projects;

  2. Increase undergraduate students’ familiarity with the process of capacity building of civil society organizations;

  3. Provide undergraduate students with exposure to and a better understanding of Hedayah’s approach to counter violent extremism.


Specific Tasks
  • Data analysis and revision/elaboration of visual materials (included program final video);

  • Support in the revision of material produced by the local counterparts such as data end line reports, guidelines, policy papers, training curricula, final narrative reports;

  • Search for material/research papers related to the drivers of violent extremism, CVE approaches and counter-narrative in STRIVE Global Phase II target countries;

  • Assist the program team in dealing with partners and relevant stakeholders;

  • Assist the program team in the organization of training/workshops for government officials, civil society organizations in the target countries;

  • Assist in the management of the CVE Global Web Portal;

  • Assist the local counterparts in the project’s implementation (closing phase);

  • Provide administrative support, including taking notes of meetings, drafting contracts and reports, as well as translating relevant documents;

  • Perform any relevant tasks as required.


  • Undergraduate student in Psychology, Sociology, Communications, International Development, Human Rights, Political Science or Security Studies;

  • Fluent in English. Arabic and/or Russian or any Western Balkans language is a plus;

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite, primarily with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;

  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) is preferred but not necessary;

  • Willingness to learn and flexibility in carrying out diverse tasks;

  • Ability to work with little supervision and in a team;

  • Results-driven and proactive personality;

  • Capacity to work in an international, multicultural environment;

  • Interest in CVE and related topics.