Capacity Building Programs Internship


The internship program at Hedayah has been in place since 2013. It has attracted individuals with international backgrounds from universities, both locally and globally. Interns are introduced to the means in which Hedayah tackles violent extremism and are provided hands-on experience in the day-to-day work to effectively achieve Hedayah’s mandate. They also actively contribute to Hedayah’s numerous programs and activities.

The program allows interns the opportunity to work directly with one of the departments at Hedayah, including dialogue and communications, capacity building programs and research and analysis. Hedayah interns are usually full-time undergraduate students, graduate students and/or individuals in their gap year.

The program ensures Hedayah is incorporating youth perspectives in advancing the efforts to prevent and counter violent extremism.

When can you intern?

Hedayah usually follows the standard university academic calendar (Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters), which indicates interns can join Hedayah during Fall (End of August – December), Spring (February – May) and Summer (end of May – August).

These time periods may vary on an individual basis. We strongly recommend applying at least one-two months before the month you would like to begin your internship and indicate your preference in your application. Please note our internships are unpaid and voluntary.

Please submit a CV and cover letter along with your application. Kindly note we will contact shortlisted candidates a few weeks after the submission deadline.



The Capacity Building Programs Department aims to increase global effectiveness for countering violent extremism (CVE) through awareness-raising workshops and building local capacities. Furthermore, the Capacity Building Department draws on the emerging evidence base and intervention methodologies of the international CVE community. The Department’s work examines the ‘push factors’ that make an environment more conducive to the growth of violent extremism; and the ‘pull factors’ that draw vulnerable individuals and groups towards violence; and then design empirical responses that aim to reduce the threat.
Strategic Objectives
  • Work with international partners to develop multi-disciplinary CVE curricula that increase understanding of the drivers of, and most effective responses, to violent extremism;
  • Support the development of domestic CVE capacities by developing skills of credible local partners;
  • Work with these local partners to co-design projects that directly challenge the causes of violent extremism;
  • Promote effective non-coercive responses to terrorism with the understanding that, in many countries, an ongoing reliance on purely traditional coercive approaches will, at best, be ineffective and, at worst, prove counter-productive; and in doing this, widen the pool of people who are involved in CVE activities.
Intern Objectives
The Capacity Building Program intern will work with the department to implement programs funded by international donors. S/he will also facilitate necessary research and communication in coordination with external organizations; s/he will get in-depth experience on how an international organization functions and will broaden the understanding of CVE and Countering Terrorism on a global scale.
  • Support existing CVE programs within the department;
  • Assist in the outreach of partners and relevant CVE stakeholders;
  • Collect research material on radicalization and violent extremism in relevant countries;
  • Support Hedayah’s event management team in logistics;
  • Provide administrative support, including taking notes of meetings and drafting reports;
  • Send weekly updates on relevant political news and global CVE activities;
  • Perform any relevant tasks when required.



  • Fluent in English. Any other languages, particularly Arabic, is considered an asset;
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills;
  • Ability to work autonomously and in a team;
  • Ability to deal with several stakeholders coming from diverse cultural backgrounds in the appropriate manner;
  • Results-driven and proactive personality;
  • Interest in working in an international, multicultural environment;
  • Interest in CVE preferred but not essential.