STRIVE for Impact

02 November 2021
13:00 - 17:00 GST
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With 39 projects in 11 countries, STRIVE for Impact will showcase the efforts of governments, civil society organizations, and communities in countering violent extremism under the STRIVE Global program.

From 2-3 and 10-11 November 2021, we are bringing together practitioners from across the Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East, and South Caucasus regions to share their experiences of tackling violent extremism.

Join us to learn about innovative approaches and connect with governments and civil society organizations on how we can counter violent extremism. More about STRIVE for Impact here.


Featured projects in Day 1 (2 Nov): Jordan & Georgia

  • Radical Right Counter-narratives Toolbox

  • Improving social and emotional skills through arts in Jordan

  • Improving Jordan’s Media Capacity to Counter Violent Extremism and Terrorism: Media Literacy and Performance and Content Quality Perspective

  • Early Warning and Resilience Mechanism for Youth (Georgia)

  • Towards a Culture of Peace (Georgia)

  • PCVE in Georgia – Capacity Building for CSOs and Civil Servants (Georgia)

  • Exploring Media Impact in Radicalization of Georgia’s Youth

  • Prevention of and Responding to Radicalizing Narratives (Georgia)

  • Relationship of Different Socio-cultural Parameters. Education and Violent Extremism in Youth (Georgia)

Featured projects in Day 2 (3 Nov): Turkey, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan

  • Impacts of Journalism on CVE in Turkey

  • Strengthening Youth Resilience to Violent Extremism through a Positive Youth Development Curriculum (Tajikistan)

  • Cross-Sectoral Collaboration to Prevent Online and Offline Radicalization: Pilot project in Rasht Valley (Tajikistan)

  • Strengthening the resilience of media and government spokespersons to communicate on violent extremism and terrorism in Tajikistan

  • Supporting Youth Resilience to Online Propaganda of Violent Extremism in Kyrgyzstan

  • Countering Radicalization Among Women in Jalal-Abad and Chui Oblasts (Kyrgyzstan)

  • Follow your Dream (Kyrgyzstan)

  • Radicalization and De-radicalisation – Learning from Foreign Terrorist Fighters (Kyrgyzstan)

  • Research to uncover connections between education and radicalization and providing preventive tools (Kyrgyzstan)

Featured projects in Day 3 (10 Nov): Western Balkans

  • Empowering local community at preventing any form of violent extremism through multi-sectoral prevention measures in Kamza municipality (Albania)

  • Strengthening a culture of resilience and harmony in Albania

  • Literature and education activities to prevent extremism among youth in Albania

  • Media and Government in Albania vs. Violent Extremism and Terrorism (Albania)

  • Radicalization in Albania, searching for ideological and structural roots

  • Examining gendered components of radicalization and violent extremism in Albania

  • Conduct research to guiding P/CVE messaging in the Tirana municipality and support the Albanian CVE Center to developing research and strategic communication capacities (Albania)

  • Promoting Tolerance all Together in Sandzak (Serbia)

  • Youth for Change: Building the resilience of Serbian youth through engagement, leadership and development of their cognitive and social-emotional skills (Serbia)

  • Enhancement of media reporting on violent extremism and terrorism (Serbia)

Featured projects in Day 4 (11 Nov): Western Balkans

  • Game for Change – Serious Game – educational tool for strengthening community resilience (North Macedonia)

  • Educate to Prevent- Strengthening Front-line School Workers and Parents to Build Youth Resilience to Violent Extremism (North Macedonia)

  • Passage4prevent: use of education to prevent youth online radicalization (North Macedonia)

  • Building resilience against violent extremism and terrorism through reinforced journalists, media & government officials (North Macedonia)

  • Enhancing the Understanding of Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF): Challenges of rehabilitation, resocialization and effective reintegration of FTF Returnees (North Macedonia)

  • Impact of media on CVE in Montenegro

  • Strengthening civil society from Bosnia and Herzegovina to recognize and monitor signs of radicalization on the social net

  • From data and information to responsible reporting on violent extremism and terrorism (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

  • Defining the Factors and Processes that Lead to Radicalization, Extremism and Terrorism in Bosnia and Herzegovina – DeFRET