Introducing Hedayah’s New Radical Right Counter Narrative Collection (UK)

24 September 2019
As the Counter Narrative Library continues to expand, Hedayah is adding the Radical RIght Counter Narrative collection. In collaboration with the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR), Hedayah recently held a workshop bringing together over 20 participants from regions where the issue of radical violent extremism is growing.
The workshop allowed experts and practitioners to share regional counter-narrative campaigns, discuss its content, logic, dissemination strategy, target audience and effectiveness. Alternatively, participants shared existing narratives promoted by violent radical right extremist groups, assessed their methodology and how to effectively counter them.
The organizers shared the U.K. Country Report with participants, the first one of a series of reports to follow. The organizers also announced a series fo webinars that will occur throughout the project’s duration, covering the process of radicalization, while looking at which deradicalization programs already in place.