Developing P/CVE National Action Plans with Bangladesh, Trinidad & Tobago and the Maldives

01 August 2019
The P/CVE National Action Plan (NAP) Task Force along with the Commonwealth CVE Unit convened a workshop in London earlier this month with government and UN representatives from Bangladesh and the Maldives. The workshop covered elements of strategic communications, community policing and international good practices for P/CVE to be incorporated into the drafting of a National Action Plan.
The Task Force has been working with the government of Bangladesh since November 2017 through the help of the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute. The government currently has a counter-terrorism strategy with some elements of P/ CVE, but are still in need of a P/CVE National Action Plan on which the Task Force continues to consult with them. The engagement of the Task Force with the Maldives is still at the early stages, however, there is an appetite for continued work as well as a specific request for assistance in reviewing the country’s police academy curriculum.
Representatives of the P/CVE National Action Plan Task Force also assisted Trinidad and Tobago in finalizing a draft of the country’s P/CVE National Action Plan. During their visit, the Task Force met with the former Chief of Defense Forces Rear Admiral Hayden Pritchard, who is leading the Inter-Ministerial Council on developing the draft plan, as well as Christalle Gemon from UNDP, who is assisting this process. The Task Force will continue to assist the development of the plan through weekly phone calls until its completion. The Task Force also met with the U.S. Embassy representatives, who are involved with relevant P/CVE programs on the ground.