Hedayah is the premier international organization dedicated to using its expertise and experiences to countering violent extremism (CVE) in all of its forms and manifestations through dialogue, communications, capacity building programs, research and analysis. As a leader within the CVE community, we work to enhance understanding and share good practices to effectively build the capacity of CVE actors across the globe to promote tolerance, stability, and security.

Our significance lies in our abilities to:

  • Produce high-quality research and evidence-based insights as a “think & do” tank, while promoting and supporting the implementation of effective CVE policies and programs.
  • Convene experienced and relevant CVE experts, policymakers and practitioners from around the world, developing and drawing upon a unique international network.
  • Ensure that policies, programs, outputs, deliverables, and programs are evidence-based.
  • Serve as an independent, apolitical and non-ideological organization, providing a neutral platform for discussion, discourse, and debates among diverse actors in the CVE field.
  • Connect with entities and individuals from governments, NGOs, CSOs, private sector and communities that may be unapproachable by some donors (governmental or others).
  • Provide the opportunity for multiple donors (governmental or others) to share the burden and mutually support CVE programs, with less risk and at a lower cost to themselves.



Our Vision

A world with decreasing risk of radicalization leading to violent extremism.

Our Mission

To reduce recruitment and radicalization leading to violent extremism by researching effective interventions, sharing international good practices, engaging in constructive dialogue and effective communications, and implementing evidence-based programs.


In efforts to ensure a holistic approach to reducing the risk of radicalization, we seek diverse perspectives from relevant experts around the world. To date, 100 countries have participated and/or contributed to our programs and activities.


Hedayah Activities


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Our Story

Our story begins with the Global Counter Terrorism Forum (GCTF) and recognition of the international community’ need for the establishment of an independent, multilateral center dedicated to countering violent extremism and preventing individuals from radicalization.

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Our Team

As an international organization, our senior leadership and staff represent over 15 nationalities. Our staff is comprised of direct hires, secondees, non-resident fellows, expert consultants, outsourced professionals, and interns.

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Our Leadership

With the governance and oversight mechanism, consisting of the Chairman, Steering Board, and Advisory Board, we ensure that our programs align with our overarching vision and mission.

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With our expertise, we tackle the threat of violent extremism on all levels from supporting governments in developing their national CVE strategies to engaging with CVE actors on the ground.

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Through its four main departments, Hedayah develops and delivers a series of interrelated programs that help accomplish its mission.

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We are always keen on collaborating with various partners around the world who can complement our initiatives and aid with the challenges of countering violent extremism.

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