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Women and CVE

To further explore Women and CVE related issues, the Global Center on Cooperative Security and Hedayah, the International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism, jointly developed and produced a publication, in the form of an edited volume, intended to offer an innovative set of perspectives reflecting on the roles of women in terrorism and countering violent extremism. Contributors from a wide range of regions were invited to reflect on the lessons learned from diverse fields of practice, including development, human rights, media and advocacy, academia and conflict prevention and mitigation, and consider their application to CVE efforts. 

Introductory and concluding chapters, co-authored by the Global Center and Hedayah, includes a discussion on the emergence and evolution of CVE as a field of practice and the focus on women as well as implications for future CVE policy and research. The analysis drew on a series of workshops and discussions convened by the Global Center and Hedayah over the past two years, relevant UN resolutions and framework documents of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF), as well as in-depth interviews by the editors with policymakers, practitioners, and experts in the CVE and related areas of work. 

A Man's World? Exploring the Roles of Women in Countering Terrorism and CVE

Researching Solutions against Violent Extremism (RESOLVE) Network

Hedayah is a Steering Committee member for a newly-announced network of local CVE Researchers. The network is a key deliverable of the White House CVE Summit process, and was announced at the CVE Leaders’ Summit in September 2015. The network consists of local researchers interested in topics related to the drivers of radicalization and recruitment as well as solutions to countering those drivers. 

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