Capacity Building Programs

Capacity Building Programs

The Capacity Building Programs Department draws on the emerging evidence and intervention methodology of the international CVE community. The Department’s work examines the ‘push factors’ that make an environment more conducive to the growth of violent extremism; and the ‘pull factors’ that draw vulnerable individuals and groups towards violence; and then works with international partners to design empirical responses that will reduce the threat.

Through localized interventions, partners gain skills, both in terms of their ability to deliver the required intervention and also in the ability to establish long term working relationships with governments, state and community actors. This allows partners to offer a sustained contribution, in light of Hedayah’s goal to mainstream CVE work into wider counter-terrorism efforts.  

The Department is also widening the pool of people who are involved in CVE activity by raising the awareness of state and non-state actors. Often, the first step for CVE is the acceptance that traditional, purely coercive counter-terrorism techniques, used in isolation, will ultimately be counter-productive to the security of the state.  The Department actively promotes the idea that stability and security can only be achieved through recognition of, and considered non-coercive responses to, the drivers of violent extremism.




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