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Hedayah’s Core Training Curriculum: Introducing CVE, its key themes and elements of good practice and policy

The Capacity Building Programs Department has developed a range of introductory training material on CVE. This introduces the lexicon of CVE, discusses the interplay of grievance and radicalization, the role of ‘push and pull factors’ as drivers of violent extremism, and introduces elements of global good practice methodology from individual community projects through to national strategies. This is a flexible training resource, with extensive content on a wide range of key themes that can be tailored to suit specific audiences. The wide range of actors who have engaged in these workshops include community actors from Kenya and Government officials from the Netherlands and the Republic of Korea. 

Development of an awareness raising product to build resilience against online radicalization in target countries

The Capacity Building Programs Department is also working with international partners to develop a short training seminar that can be delivered to large numbers in target countries to help build resilience against online radicalization. The seminar will focus participants on the role of the internet and social media as a tool for radicalization, what makes some individuals more susceptible to the online radicalizing narrative and the potential to use the internet and social media as a tool for countering radicalization, including practical demonstrations. Essentially, the training material seeks to build resilience to online radicalization and also build the capacity of credible voices to rebut and dilute the disproportionate voice of violent extremism online.

Suite of CVE workshops provided by Hedayah and United States Institute for Peace (USIP) on the themes of community policing and civil society projects

The Capacity Building Programs Department longest running program has been the joint suite of CVE workshops with the United States Institute for Peace (USIP).  Since early 2013, a grant from U.S. State Department to USIP has allowed it to work with Hedayah to deliver twelve CVE workshops. Previous themes have included education, community policing, civil society projects, and media and messaging.

The program has mainly involved bringing groups of government officials and/or community actors to Abu Dhabi to raise awareness of violent extremism and showcase elements of international good practice in the key themes. It has allowed Hedayah and USIP to encourage positive behavioral change to reduce the threat of violent extremism and to develop a network of highly regarded CVE actors across the globe.

Hedayah is currently exploring the potential to continue the program with USIP beyond Spring 2016, with a greater emphasis on in-country training. Hedayah is also transitioning some of the most valuable elements of the existing program into the Hedayah Core Curriculum.




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