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Debating Security +

Hedayah moderated on Countering Radicalization and Global Terrorism during the Debating Security Plus, a massive global online brainstorm entirely held online by Friends of Europe from 26–28 September 2017. The forum included several thousand participants from various sectors comprising government officials, international organizations, civil society, NGOs, academia, think tanks and many more. Debating Security Plus provided a platform for participants to discuss pressing security challenges, including violent extremism and terrorism, at strategic, tactical and operational levels. High-level policy makers from around the globe logged in and had the chance to interact with the variety of participants and develop concrete solutions for a safer world. The online brainstorm revolved around six topics.

  • Countering radicalization and global terrorism​
  • ​From hybrid to asymmetric warfare
  • Nuclear proliferation and other nuclear threats​
  • ​Cyber defense and deterrence
  • Realigning security and development​
  • ​Climate change, conflict and mass migration

Hedayah led and moderated on Countering Radicalization and Global Terrorism with the aim to sensitize on the need to complement traditional kinetic measures with long-term CVE approaches. 

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