Dialogue and Communications

Strategic Objectives


The main objectives of the Dialogue and Communications Department are:

  • Become both a regional and international neutral platform for dialogue and encourage communication among government entities, civil society organizations, religious actors, educational institutions, NGOs, policymakers, industries, experts and practitioners.
  • Develop and use the latest and most effective communication tools in order to raise a global awareness of CVE as well as promote knowledge exchange.
  • Build bridges among actors through communications sector to make sure they are included in the CVE policymaking process and program design.
  • Address current and emerging CVE issues and identify innovative solutions before they become a serious threat to society. 
  • Strengthen the influence Hedayah has on policymakers to put results of dialogue and research into practice
  • Broaden collaboration to include other sectors, areas and institutions that may have an influence in triggering violent extremism (for example, video games, comics, television shows).


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