Dialogue and Communications

Dialogue and Communications

Hedayah’s location within the Arabian Peninsula positions it to closely engage with communities and stakeholders that have only been peripherally involved in CVE in the past. The inclusion of previously under-represented groups (e.g. youth, women, educators and community leaders) in international CVE discourse could lead to marked improvements in countering violent extremism. 

As a global hub for connecting relevant members of the CVE community, Hedayah’s objective with its strategic dialogues is to provide a platform to strengthen ties, improve and streamline CVE strategy communications. National CVE strategies are often based on concentrating on the process of radicalization, indicators of radicalization, an emphasis on policing, violent extremist ideologies, sectors of activities, mental well-being of actors, community policing are just to name a few, however, rarely are these technical indicators precisely shared with community stakeholders. 

The Department will focus assessing the ways in which CVE interventions are understood and executed by in the areas of dealing with roles of victims, survivors, former fighters, ex-prisoners, social media as a component of radicalization, messaging for audiences, perceptions of counter-narratives messaging and its effects on faith traditions. Hedayah envisages to do this on multiple levels:

  • Encourage the dissemination of national CVE strategies between senior government officials to ensure best practices and lessons learned are shared.
  • Enhancing both global and local dialogue between various communities actors/practitioners and relevant organizations.
  • Expand the CVE through Communications network to allow for sharing of ideas and best practice. 
  • Utilize communications tools and techniques effectively (i.e. media and social media) in creating and inspiring counter narratives (i.e. campaigns, television series, etc.)
  • Connecting non-traditional CVE actors with the CVE community to provide alternative approaches to CVE. 
  • Create a global and neutral platform that allows for dynamic, engaging and interactive ideas to be shared across various sectors.
  • Support existing initiatives of partner organization by bridging the gap between communities by using non-traditional approaches (i.e. sports, arts, culture, etc.) 


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