Strategic Significance

Strategic Significance

As a ‘think and do’ tank, Hedayah serves as the premier international hub for CVE policy makers, practitioners and researchers to enhance understanding and share good practices to build the capacity of CVE actors across the globe to promote tolerance, stability and security. 

Hedayah’s strategic significance is:

  • Serving as an international, independent, a-political and non-ideological organization.
  • Serving as an a-political platform to connect policymakers to practitioners and experts.
  • Targeting audiences and countries that national governments may struggle to reach. 
  • Allowing national governments to "burden share".
  • Connecting with civil society as a non-governmental organization.
  • Promoting an effective evidence-based approach. 
  • Developing a network of experts and practitioners from various countries and skill sets.
  • Striving to be proactive, transparent, credible and multidisciplinary.


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