STRIVE Global Program


Develop and deliver a cascaded training program for raising awareness of, and building support, for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) amongst Public Officials and Civil Society Organizations

  • A training package for the front line officials to be developed and adapted for target audiences in two different target locations.
  • Deliver the training during the pilot phase, and identifying and capacitating individuals in each of the locations to disseminate the product to larger audiences.

Support design and implementation of Civil Society Initiatives to Prevent/Counter Violent Extremism

  • Identify partners who have the potential to positively influence individuals and groups who are at risk of engaging in violent extremism.
  • Build the analytical and technical skill-set of these local actors, so they can design and implement funded CVE interventions; and ultimately, will be able to access more sustainable sources of funding.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the locally implemented intervention, in order to spread good practice and lessons learned.

Address the challenge of media coverage of terrorism: raising the awareness and building the capacity of state and media actors

  • Engage with Governments and media in four target counties to raise awareness of the role of media in radicalization to terrorism.
  • Provide financial support to third parties for implementation of projects (e.g. workshops, working groups, etc.)
  • Develop research resources that provide an evidence base for CVE interventions
  • The development of a Global CVE Web Portal to become the primer online resource hub for policy makers and practitioners working on violent extremism (VE);
  • Develop a collection of widely accessible narratives to CVE to be used as a tool for training and capacity-building programs for CVE actors;
  • Commission research on drivers of terrorism and on impact of journalism on VE to provide an evidence base to direct other STRIVE initiatives.


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