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Launch of Abu Dhabi Guidelines on Teaching Interfaith Tolerance Education

Published On 24 May 2019

In February 2019, The United States and the United Arab Emirates convened The First Regional Conference of the 2018 Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom on Interfaith Tolerance Education to Combat Extremism.

The conference discussed and shared international perspectives and good practices, challenges in promoting tolerance education, how to set textbook and curricula standards that actively promote tolerance and educate youth about world religions and the perspectives of youth on how to better reflect value based education in traditional curricula. 

The conference brought together experts, senior government officials, and civil society organizations and religious leaders from different cultures and religions around the world to share their experiences, challenges and provide practical recommendations.

In support and as an outcome of the conference, the Abu Dhabi Guidelines on Teaching Interfaith Tolerance were developed to reflect the discussions at the conference and provide recommendations for governments and civil society organizations as areas to consider when teaching interfaith tolerance education to develop better global citizens.

Read the Abu Dhabi Guidelines on Teaching Interfaith Tolerance here.



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