Sixth Annual International CVE Research Conference 2019

Launch of the Counter Narrative Library

On 3 October 2016, Hedayah launched the Counter-Narrative Library, a comprehensive portal where governments, practitioners and civil society can access content, toolkits and good practices to counter the narratives of all forms of violent extremism. 

The password-protected Library includes videos, movies, TV shows, cartoons, books, websites, magazines, blogs, social media campaigns, articles and many others that can be found online or uploaded as files. The Library features two existing collections: 1) the Daesh Defector Collection, which features narratives of returning foreign terrorist fighters that have defected from Daesh to highlight the weaknesses of the organization and reveal the atrocities of the violence and suffering; 2) the South East Asia Collection, which is a follow up project to Australia’s Regional Summit to CVE 2015 and features counter-narratives from the South East Asia region. It is also part of a larger project supported by the Australian Government through the Attorney-General’s Department. 

The Counter-Narrative Library is a project that was originally supported by 8 countries, led by the government of the Netherlands, and initially focused on open-source counter-narratives to Al Qaeda. The project was handed over to Hedayah in July 2015 as an independent, international organization that could expand the reach and scope of the Library contents, and ensure dissemination.

For access to the Library, please click here

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