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Ashiq Kalsank, Capacity Building Programs (STRIVE Global) Intern

Ashiq graduated with an Integrated MSci. in Analytical and Investigative Forensic Science in July 2018 where he learned about criminal psychology and crime scenes. During his time at university, he conducted several research projects and presentations some of which were on frauds including Ballot Fraud, and identifying criminal patterns. He designed a report as a part of his coursework for Sociology and Humanities department at Keele University using the data recorded from research into these criminal patterns. The main aim of the report was to identify crime hotspots and the types of crime in different cities across U.K. Having completed his degree, he began to realize that he wished to help facilitate a greater change in peace and security processes than move from one case to another. Therefore, he has decided to pursue a career in International Affairs with a main focus on international security and diplomacy. He has applied to undertake a master’s degree in the coming fall (2019).

Ebba Sophie Verdu, Research and Analysis (Virtual) Intern

Sophie is a recent M.A. graduate of Terrorism, Security and Society from King’s College London and holds a B.A. in Politics and International Relations from the University of York.  Her fascination with terrorism, extremism, and radicalization developed as she went to university. Particularly, she is interested in the relationship between non-violent and violent extremism, comparative CVE efforts and case-by-case approaches to counter-radicalization. The title of her BA dissertation was What Does the Analysis of British Terrorism Discourse Reveal About the Construction of Terrorism?, and her M.A. dissertation was titled Abandoning ‘Radicalization:’ A Conceptual Analysis Into the Usefulness and Necessity of the Concept of ‘Radicalization.’



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