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Adel Arlett, Capacity Building Programs Intern 

Adel is a graduate student at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. She continues her studies in the field of nonproliferation and counterterrorism. Her primary interest is analyzing the movements of different terrorist groups, especially the Islamic State and its allies. In 2017, Adel joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary to take part in the internship program offered by the governmental institute. Her professional experience includes being part of different diplomatic events and participating in various conferences. Later, she interned for the Center of Strategic and Defense Studies where she wrote an analysis of countering violent extremism with the use of open-source intelligence. After achieving her master’s degree, her long term goal is to work with an intelligence agency and have a “ground zero” experience.

Luis Quesada, Research and Analysis Intern 

Luis is a rising senior in NYU Abu Dhabi, majoring in Political Science, with minors in Economics and Arabic. Originally from Costa Rica, he has also lived in the Dominican Republic and in Ecuador. His academic and research interests lie in in the study of collective decision making, Latin American Politics, the effect of natural resources on development, international relations and diplomacy. He has interned for the Embassy of Costa Rica to the United Arab Emirates, the Career Development Center and the Office of Community and Education Engagement in NYU Abu Dhabi. 

Edwin Tran, Research and Analysis (Virtual) Intern 

Edwin is a fresh graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno with two Bachelor of Arts in History and International Affairs and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. Edwin has worked as a political analyst for organizations like the Encyclopedia Geopolitica and the International Review and has spent time living and researching in the region. He is primarily interested in combatting generalized understandings of terrorism, and instead seeks to unearth its contextual reasons. Edwin’s work focuses on the intersectionality of Levantine civil society, socioeconomics, and extremism. Through such work, Edwin hopes to outline the underlying factors behind extremism and aid in the development of more robust deradicalization strategies.

Nabil Haskanbancha, Research and Analysis (Virtual) Intern 

Nabil is currently a student at New York University Abu Dhabi and is majoring in Social Research & Public Policy and Economics with a minor in Arabic. He worked as a research assistant last semester analyzing the cultural heritage in the UAE. Prior to this year, he interned at the Thai embassy in Riyadh where he overlooked consular affairs. He aspires to gain more experience in countering-terrorism programs in hopes of identifying strategies to deal with terrorist threats in Thailand.



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