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Ana Marco, Capacity Building Programs (STRIVE Global) Intern

Ana obtained her bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Psychology from Keele University and is currently studying for a master’s degree in International Security at Sciences Po in France. Her interest in the study of extremism and radicalization began as she studied her undergraduate degree, where she first became aware of the increasing concern of prison radicalization in Great Britain. She got accepted and attended UCL’s intensive summer course on Understanding and Countering Radicalization and Terrorism in July 2017, which allowed her to begin familiarizing herself with the field. She has volunteered at an overnight listening service that offers confidential support for students going through challenging times. She has also worked as a student researcher for Keele University’s Psychology department, where she has helped develop academic resources to teach students across different cultural backgrounds how to use qualitative research methods.
Akash Jaini, Capacity Building Programs Intern
Akash is a senior at New York University Abu Dhabi, from New Delhi, India, studying Political Science and Legal Studies. He has been interested in South Asia Defense Studies and has interned in the past with The Times of India, New Delhi, The Hudson Institute, Washington DC and most recently with the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi, where he researched the insurgent militancy within the Kashmir districts of India. His final year capstone project also revolves around the militancy in Kashmir and his other interests outside of academics are competitive debating and playing squash.
Luis Rodriguez, Communications Intern
Luis is a second-year student at New York University Abu Dhabi, majoring in Economics with a minor in Political Science and Applied Mathematics. He has had experience in entrepreneurship, digital marketing and communications while working in the startup scene in Mexico City, as well as interning at the Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi, where he assisted with administration, research and communications. Coming from Mexico, Luis hopes to learn more about effective measures of dealing with violence and radicalization, so that he may understand and one day help counter the dangers of his home country.
Melia Summers, Research and Analysis Intern
Melia is a sophomore at New York University Abu Dhabi studying Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science, with a minor in Arabic. Back home in Northampton, Massachusetts she interned with a non-for-profit, the Center for New Americans, where she helped develop public outreach programs to support her community’s immigrants. Before coming to Abu Dhabi, she worked as a student ambassador for Save the Children, where she helped mobilize an advocacy network that campaigned for legislature that promoted the welfare of young people.  She is interested in questions of national security, global stability, and the strength of liberal democratic institutions.
Edwin Tran, Research and Analysis (Virtual) Intern 
Edwin is a fresh graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno with two Bachelor of Arts in History and International Affairs and a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. Edwin has worked as a political analyst for organizations like the Encyclopedia Geopolitica and the International Review and has spent time living and researching in the region. He is primarily interested in combatting generalized understandings of terrorism, and instead seeks to unearth its contextual reasons. Edwin’s work focuses on the intersectionality of Levantine civil society, socioeconomics, and extremism. Through such work, Edwin hopes to outline the underlying factors behind extremism and aid in the development of more robust deradicalization strategies.
Nabil Haskanbancha, Research and Analysis (Virtual) Intern 
Nabil is currently a student at New York University Abu Dhabi and is majoring in Social Research & Public Policy and Economics with a minor in Arabic. He worked as a research assistant last semester analyzing the cultural heritage in the UAE. Prior to this year, he interned at the Thai embassy in Riyadh where he overlooked consular affairs. He aspires to gain more experience in countering-terrorism programs in hopes of identifying strategies to deal with terrorist threats in Thailand.


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