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Dr. Hamed El Said

Dr. Hamed El Said

Dr. Hamed El Said is Chair and Professor of International Business and Political Economy at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (UK), advisor to the United Nations Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF), and to the Arab Thought Forum, founded and chaired by HRH Prince Hassan ben Talal of Jordan. From 1990-92, served as a member of the Centre for Strategic Studies at Royal Scientific Society (Amman-Jordan), then the research arm of HRH Prince Hassan ben Talal (Crown Prince of Jordan between 1965-1999). In 2008, he headed the research team of the United Nations Counter Implementation Task Force’s Working Group on Addressing Radicalization and Extremism that Lead to Terrorism. This position was responsible for analyzing counter radicalization and de-radicalization programs of United Nations Member States, identifying good practices and lessons to be learnt from these experiences, and evaluating the effectiveness of counter radicalization programs in general.

Hamed is best known for his work on economic and political reforms in the Arab World; the social and economic impact of IMF/World Bank Stabilization and Structural Adjustment Programs in the Middle East and North Africa; New Institutional Economics; Social Capital; links between development and good governance, on the one hand, and political instability, conflicts and terrorism, on the other; designing and evaluating counter radicalization and de-radicalization programs. He is a Jordanian by birth but lives in the United Kingdom and holds a British nationality.



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