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Dr. Greg Barton

Dr. Greg Barton

Dr. Greg Barton is a Research Professor for the Study of Indonesia in the Faculty of Arts at Monash. He is acting Director of the Centre for Islam and the Modern World (CIMOW), Deputy UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations – Asia Pacific, and is active in the Global Terrorism Research Centre (GTReC). For the past twenty years Greg has been active in inter-faith dialogue initiatives and has a deep commitment to building understanding of Islam and Muslim society.

Over the past two decades Greg has undertaken extensive research on Indonesia politics and society, especially of the role of Islam as both a constructive and a disruptive force. Since 2004 he has made a comparative study of progressive Islamic thought in Turkey and Indonesia and is hoping to extend this comparative study to India.

Greg also has a general interest in security studies and human security and a particular interest in counter-terrorism. He is an active member of the Global Terrorism Research Centre (GTReC) at Monash and continues to research Jemaah Islamiyah and other radical Islamist movements in Southeast Asia. He is involved in teaching several counter-terrorism courses each year at the Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies (APCSS) in Honolulu and with other institutions and agencies.



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