About Us



Hedayah’s team is multinational and is comprised of:

•    Direct hires
•    Secondees
•    Non-resident Fellows
•    Interns


Hedayah requests GCTF members to second individuals to expand its capability and capacity based on future requirements and objectives. This provides Hedayah with the necessary flexibility to augment permanent staff with experts on both a long-term and short-term basis. Secondees have the particular skill sets to successfully implement different initiatives at Hedayah. 

Non-resident Fellows

Hedayah is keen on working with senior fellows from different regions and topics of interest related to CVE through a “Non-residence Fellowship Program” to identify critical CVE needs, mobilize the necessary expertise and resources to address such needs, and enhance global cooperation. The Fellowship Program aims at developing a network of scholars, experts and practitioners that can conduct cutting-edge research and contribute substantively to Hedayah’s activities. Hedayah Fellows come from different countries and backgrounds, and they expand Hedayah’s international reach through their own networks and contacts. 


Hedayah welcomes interns to provide them with an interesting working experience and support Hedayah’s activities where needed. Hedayah interns come from various international backgrounds and local universities for the fall, spring and summer semesters. The interns are usually junior and/or senior undergraduate students, as well as students in the process of finishing their graduate studies. 



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