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Governance and Leadership

Governance and Oversight

Governance and Oversight

Hedayah has a governance model and oversight mechanism that ensures its initiatives are in constant alignment with its vision, mission and values. Hedayah receives its guidance and input from the Steering Board.


The principle role of the Chairman is to manage and to provide leadership and governance to the Steering Board. The Chairman also acts as liaison between the Steering Board and Hedayah through the Executive Director. The Chairman has a particular responsibility to ensure that the Steering Board operates effectively and that the duties of the Steering Board are performed successfully. The Chairman also ensures that the particular knowledge and competence of each Steering Board member be applied in the best manner possible to the benefit of Hedayah and its mandate.

Steering Board 

The Steering Board is comprised of the twelve Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) Working Group co-chairs, which consists of Algeria, Australia, Canada, Egypt, the European Union (EU), Indonesia, Morocco, The Netherlands, Turkey, the UAE, the UK and the US. The Steering Board members have the following responsibilities:

•    Ensure efficiency and success of Hedayah through leadership and oversight.
•    Monitor the Center’s progress and influence Hedayah’s direction. 
•    Ensure continued GCTF participation and oversight of Hedayah’s activities.

Advisory Board 

Hedayah formed a group of international independent experts, practitioners, and academia. The Advisory Board will function as an advisory body of the Steering Board and Hedayah Senior Leadership on CVE-specific subjects, current good practices, new initiatives and developments.





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