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Hedayah has built strong foundations in establishing ourselves as a global platform in program development for CVE since our launch on 14 December 2012. It continues to work on building partnerships and seizing numerous opportunities to become a true International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). Hedayah has been established as an independent international organization with the help of our legal independence, as per U.A.E Federal Law No. 7 of October 2013, and as a result of our first formal Steering Board meeting in September 2014. 

The international community increasingly recognizes that CVE is an important component of any response to reassure our security. The challenge of Hedayah is to promote a more empirical and strategic response to tackle the root causes of violent extremism and alleviate the threat with the help of governments and other individuals. 

The generosity, support and outstanding commitment of the governments from various countries in terms of secondments, program funding and “in kind” resourcing have been vital in developing the center to its current level of international recognition and in support of its future programs. These partnerships along with a hardworking team prepares Hedayah for the challenging objectives we have set for ourselves. 

We all share a noble cause to create a better world for a new generation, our role here at Hedayah is to implement a pertinent action plan in countering violent extremism. At the heart of this approach is the firm belief, that it is not just preferable, but more effective, to persuade rather than coerce pertaining to tolerance and respect regardless of ethnic and religious background. 

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our partners, collaborators, organizations and individuals who contributed greatly to our success. Your expertise and support has helped pave the way for new initiatives and programs. It is through our collaborative efforts that we continue to fulfill our global mission and counter violent extremism in all its forms and manifestations. 


Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi



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